Thousands of scientists and engineers around the world use LabVIEW and National Instruments technologies to solve their most daring and complex tasks. You can be sure that any project will implement, whether robot prototype design, development testing system in production, design of high-speed multi-channel data acquisition and process automation. But we need to take many days for professional application development practical courses.

Courses They cost a lot of money and last for up to 2 5 days each. For many, this is very tedious and expensive.

Often, it is necessary to demonstrate a simple way to solve a problem using clearly marked software and hardware. For example, how to measure temperature from 10 sensors, transfer data over an Ethernet network and display on a monitor as graphs. Or, for example, how to connect an oscilloscope and a power source to a computer and automate their collaboration using LabVIEW.

To solve such problems, we carry out workshops. This short (duration of up to 4 hours) mini-courses that focus on specific technologies and are designed to showcase the students a simple and quick way to solve their problems. As agreed, we will prepare a workshop focused on solutions to your individual problems, and carry it on your premises.

Workshops It does not require special training of the students.

Writes on the master classes, pass them along with us and get the following benefits:

  • In a very short time (of 4 hours) learn effective ways to solve engineering and scientific problems;
  • You will see the potential and specificity of use of LabVIEW and the PXI platform, the CompactRIO and technologies associated with them;
  • Get technical support from systems engineers with CLD level and more than 10 years of experience developing applications with LabVIEW FPGA, Real-Tim, PXI and PC;
  • You will get acquainted with modern technologies for collecting, analyzing and presenting data;
  • Get a recommendation on how to systematically build a career, armed National Instruments technology.

Write to us through feedback form or by e-mail, which Master Class and when you would like to pass.

We will agree with you and write down the date for passage to the group sessions.