As you know, the problem is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences. Sometimes the consequences are irreversible. In relation to the production of electronics that truth can be applied to a manufacturing defect. Easier and more cost-effective to identify and potentially caused any defects in the early stages of production and to eliminate them than receiving endless complaint and expend considerable resources to repair and maintenance.

Software modules LabVIEWThat we use most often in your projects

The graphical programming environment LabVIEW has more than a thousand built-in functions for processing and presenting data, filtering signals, performing spectral analysis and transferring data using standard protocols. To solve specific highly specialized tasks, there are program modules and LabVIEW toolkits. Such modules in LabVIEW are more than 40. The range of tasks that allow to solve LabVIEW modules is very wide, from signal processing and analysis of measurement data to development of high-frequency systems and satellite navigation systems. In our work, we often use modules for the development of real-time systems, programming on FPGAs, analyzing and presenting data, performing measurements in the field of electric power engineering and developing vision systems.
A more detailed list of additional software modules to the LabVIEW, which we use most often in our projects is given below.