Projects and Solutions

This section presents projects that used functional prototyping. Prototyping is a critical step in the creation of any new product. It starts to create a fully working version of the product, which is planned to be released in large quantities. However, you are not limited by capabilities and performance. You have access to a large number of channels of analog and digital I / O, high performance of a prototype based on an FPGA or processor, the ability to integrate any peripheral with any protocol into the prototype. Functional prototyping allows for a very short time to demonstrate to a potential customer a fully working version of the system, which was an idea only yesterday.

The time of human manual labor is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. In the modern world of production, they strive to automate any process to obtain a stable and non-nominal product quality. Automation also allows you to influence product quality and expand production. Whether it is the automation of a city boiler house or a car manufacturing plant, they are trying to use reliable and durable automation everywhere, which does not need to sleep, drink or eat. This section shows projects that have been associated with industrial automation.

No production and no experiment is possible without checking the quality or parameters of the product or service being created. This is called testing. The more often and more efficiently it is tested, the less likely it is to get a low-quality end product. And thus, the likelihood of complaints from the customer or consumer of the product is lower. Testing also allows you to identify the stages of production or research at which a defect occurs and eliminate the causes. Automated testing guarantees a product of the required quality at the end. Automated tests reveal the ability of the created product to work in real climatic, electrical, electromagnetic and physical conditions during its service life. This section presents our projects in which automated testing and testing was applied.

The modern world is a world of high technologies. These technologies are based on materials from electronics and optoelectronics. So, diodes, transistors and microcircuits with unique capabilities are created from silicon carbide (SiC), yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) is made used in science, medicine, industry and the military industry, silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) are actively used for conversion energy of the sun into electrical. This section contains projects in which we created equipment and software for research and production of modern materials for electronics and optoelectronics.

This section shows the projects, whose purpose was to help scientists and researchers to automate their research and experiments. We used the NI LabVIEW programming environment for the development of systems to raise a new level of experiment, the experimenter to remove the chore.

Learn and learn. Education is the most effective, perhaps even the only tool for moving forward both one person and the whole state. This section shows projects and solutions for educational institutions that help educate students at a high international level.

This section shows the projects for which we plan to attract investments. Without an investor, promoting a new product is a very difficult or even impossible task. We offer these ideas, prototypes and developments and experience to turn them into a good profitable business.