• 0_Sol ver9_600x

    Multifunctional photovoltaics laboratory SolarLab 20-UST

  • 1_PXI-HIL-RD_3

    Automated PXI laboratory for research and production of modern electronics components

  • 6_DSC04981_2

    Distributed monitoring state structures, bridges and buildings

  • 2_DSC0460_2

    Development of multi-axis robotic servo systems

  • 3_DSC0183_2

    Development of automated test stations on the PXI platform and the NI TestStand test environment for electronic devices

  • 5_DSC0202_2

    Wireless NI Wireless Sensor Network technologies for distributed measurement and control for ZigBee protocol

  • 7_DSC0235_2

    Tools for industrial automation - powerful controllers NI CompactRIO (USA) and I / O modules ICP DAS (Taiwan)

  • 8_DSC0320

    We provide NI LabVIEW courses and organize hands-on