Electricity meter - a device that performs calculation of electric energy consumption AC or DC. Most currently operating energy meters measure the amount of electricity consumed with some error. Compensate it forced consumers. To minimize the error, it is necessary to develop new, more sophisticated algorithms for electricity metering.


The problem or task

It was necessary to develop a measuring system for research in the development of electricity meters with more sophisticated algorithms. It had to functionally repeat the electricity meter and allow software to implement electricity metering algorithms.


To solve the problem, a functional prototype of an electric energy meter was developed. It measures voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent power and energy in a three-phase 0,4 kV network. The prototype is based on the NI CompactRIO-9024 embedded real-time controller with the NI CompactRIO-9118 FPGA chassis. A three-channel analog input module NI 9225 was used to measure voltage. An analog input module NI 9227 was used to measure the current. The software was created in the NI LabVIEW programming environment. The power and energy calculation module was developed using the NI Electrical Power Measurements Palette toolkit. The functional prototype made it possible to conduct research on the development of new algorithms for metering electricity and improving methods for metering technical and commercial energy losses.


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