Application of antireflection coatings on optical elements garnet laser (YAG) can significantly improve its performance. Thus, application of vacuum to the ends of YAG crystals antireflection coatings can increase the degree of transmission of rays through the element. This effect is achieved by reducing the losses on the natural Fresnel reflection, which is always present at the boundaries of media having different refractive indices.


The task was to modernize and automate the existing installation of the URM3.279.01 type. The installation is designed for thermal and electron-beam vacuum evaporation with optical control of the film thickness during the deposition of antireflection coatings


The URM3.279.01 installation is a complex device and consists of the following main blocks: vacuum system control unit and vacuum system itself, optical thickness control unit + control system, resistive evaporator control unit + evaporation system, electron beam evaporator control unit + ELI system, substrate control unit + substrate control system, high-voltage unit, cathode power supply unit + cathode system. Hardware solutions and software have been developed for each of these nodes. Centralized automated management of all nodes was carried out by the WinCON W-8331 industrial controller and ICP DAS I-8000 data acquisition modules. The software for the controller was developed in the language Embedded Visual C ++. The work resulted in a complex for multi-stage application of antireflection coating in vacuum under the control of a modern automation system.


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