Silicon carbide is a modern and promising material for semiconductor electronics, which due to its unique properties (operating temperature up to 600 OC, high radiation and chemical resistance) is increasingly finding its application in the field of extreme and power electronics, space, aviation, defense industry. Synthesis of defect-free single crystals of SiC is a difficult task and at present in the world there is a creation of technology to improve the production of these crystals. 



For the experimental production of SiC crystals with a diameter of 2 in., It was necessary to develop a budgetary power management system for the crucible heater in a short time for an experimental plant for growing silicon carbide single crystals. It was necessary to control the power of the power thyristor module (power up to 30 kW, current up to 2 kA) in accordance with the set control algorithm and maintain the process for 2-5 days in accordance with the specified multistage profile - "output to the mode - stabilization and maintaining the power , Current and voltage - reducing the power of the heating unit. "



To solve the problem, a power management system for the heater of a thermal node has been developed. The thermal unit is the most important part in the equipment and in a high degree determines the quality of the grown crystals. As a power controller, the United Nations' thyristor power controller (United Kingdom) was used. Input of signals about the state of the heater and output of control signals to the thyristor regulator occurred using a simple multifunction data collection card NI USB-6009. The software is created in the NI LabVIEW environment. Algorithms for PID controllers were developed using the NI LabVIEW Control and Simulation Toolkit. The software ran on a personal computer. The developed system allowed to automate the synthesis of silicon carbide single crystals with a minimal budget and in a short time. The customer was given the opportunity to conduct experiments to improve the technology of growing single crystals of SiC, and in an automated mode to grow crystals and manage their quality.



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