Phosphors are substances that convert absorbed energy into light radiation. Currently, phosphors are widely used in the production of fluorescent lamps, plasma screens for modern televisions, luminous tags on signs and plates, tags for identifying securities. One of the most important characteristics of a phosphor is the graph of the intensity of its radiation during a given time interval.

The problem or task

For the needs of the phosphor manufacturing company, it was necessary to develop a system for recording the emission intensity of phosphors in a short time. The system had to build a graph of the intensity of the phosphor emission during a given period of time.


To solve the problem, an automated analyzer of spectral-kinetic characteristics of phosphors has been developed. To register the radiation intensity, a semiconductor photodetector LOMO FPU-2 was used. The photodetector is equipped with an RS-232 interface. The software exchanged data with the photodetector. It operated on a personal computer. Based on the measurement results, a graph of the emission intensity of the phosphor was plotted for a given time interval. The software was created in the NI LabVIEW programming environment. The module for data exchange with the photodetector via the RS-232 interface was developed using the NI VISA module. The developed recorder made it possible to automate the process of investigating the intensity of the emission of phosphors. Therefore, the time spent on the study of each sample of phosphors has been reduced.


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