Phosphors - a substance which convert the absorbed energy into light. Currently, the phosphors are widely used in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps, plasma screen televisions for modern, luminous labels on signs and labels, labels to identify securities. To obtain high-quality phosphors is important to make an analysis of their spectral and kinetic characteristics.

The problem or task

For the needs of the manufacturer of phosphors, it was necessary to develop an analyzer of spectral-kinetic characteristics of phosphors in a short time. It was necessary to record the intensity of the glow of the phosphor for a specified period of time. Previously, the phosphor was illuminated by a powerful light source.


To solve the problem, an automated analyzer of spectral-kinetic characteristics of phosphors has been developed. To register the spectral-kinetic characteristics of phosphors, two problems had to be solved. The first is to control the inclusion of radiation sources. The second is to register the afterglow of the phosphor sample. LEDs and a laser source were used as radiation sources. To register the afterglow, a PMT-62 photomultiplier with an amplifier was used. Source management and signal registration were performed by the NI PCI-6229 multifunctional data acquisition card. It was installed in a personal computer. The software was created in the NI LabVIEW programming environment. It recorded the dependence of the afterglow intensity of the phosphor on time. The developed analyzer has reduced the time spent on researching each phosphor sample by 30 times. This led to an increase in the production of phosphors by the customer.


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