Solar energy is one of the main directions of modern alternative energy. It is based on the transformation of the energy of the sun into some other form of energy. Solar panels are used to convert solar radiation into electrical current. One of the most important characteristics of a solar battery is its current-voltage characteristic (VAC). You can determine the value of the maximum power of the battery and choose the most effective mode of its operation.

The problem or task

To carry out in the field of solar energy research was necessary to develop a low-cost automated system for the registration of solar CVC. In addition, the battery temperature detecting standing problem. The measurement results were displayed on the screen in the form of graphs and CVC of temperature versus time.


To solve the problem, a system for recording the I-V characteristics of solar batteries was developed. To register the current-voltage characteristics, it is necessary to measure the voltage and current on the solar battery load. A variable resistor was used as a load simulator. To measure voltage and current, 8 channel analog input module 0-10 was used in ICP-DAS I-7017F (Taiwan). A shunt resistor was installed to register the current at the voltage measurement input of the I-7017F module. To measure the temperature of the battery, two k-type thermocouples were used. The thermocouple signal was measured by the ICP-DAS I-7018P module. Modules I-7017F and I-7018P have an RS-485 data exchange interface. To provide communication modules with the computer, the interface converter module USB-RS-485 ICP-DAS I-7561 was used. The software is created in the NI LabVIEW programming environment. It worked on a personal computer. Data exchange with the input-output modules was carried out using the DCON protocol. This protocol was implemented in LabVIEW using the NI VISA module. The developed system made it possible to perform experiments to measure the characteristics of solar batteries, to automate the process of carrying out experiments and to shorten the time spent on recording characteristics.


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