Plastic and polymeric materials have taken a strong position in the modern world, both in industry and in everyday life. More than 30% of these products is made by injection molding in special machines - injection molding machines. Performance injection molding machine depends on the speed of extraction of parts from its mold. Often fragile recovery of parts is done manually. Because of this greatly reduced machine performance.

The problem or task

It was to create an industrial robot prototype is necessary for the production of plastic casing. He was at a high speed to extract the product from the mold. extraction process cycle was not to exceed 10 seconds.


To solve the problem, a prototype robot has been developed. The NI CompactRIO 9073 real-time embedded controller was used as the control system. To move the axis was used servo Delta (Taiwan). The servo drive incorporates a servo motor and servo driver Delta ASDA-A2. The NI 9853 CAN interface module was used to control the servo drive. Data exchange between the control module and the servo drive is carried out using the CANopen protocol. The software is developed in the NI LabVIEW programming environment. The servo data exchange module is designed using the NI CANopen LabVIEW Library. The developed prototype made it possible to test the operating modes of one axis of an industrial robot for automatic extraction of products from an injection molding machine.


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