Smart City includes a program for the reconstruction and modernization of the city's infrastructure with fundamentally new opportunities for centralized management, a new level of services and security. "Smart City" is a carefully planned and well-managed system that forms the demand for new technologies in transport logistics, utilities, industry, construction, building management and other similar spheres. The smart city is characterized by the availability of integrated security systems, the automation of urban facilities, the automation of water and energy supply facilities, monitoring the state of the environment in the city, providing control over the housing and communal services, traffic. The construction of a smart city envisages in the future extensive use of modern innovative technologies to create the highest level of comfort and rationality of the use of objects and resources used.

The problem or task

For more than 30 for years, National Instruments has been a leader in the development and production of innovative hardware and software tools for automating measurement, diagnostics, control and modeling in a wide range of applications. National Instruments is a developer of virtual instrument technology - a revolutionary concept that changed the approaches and methods of measuring and developing automation systems. The development of effective applications for the modernization of households, cities and the region is one of the promising directions in the policy of the company and its integrators. Thanks to the flexibility and easy deployment of large-scale projects, the NI hardware and software will solve the most complex tasks for building the “Stavropol Smart City” system and implementing Stavropol Krai projects. The use of ready-made solutions or self-development of applications allow you to implement highly professional projects in the following areas:

  1. Efficient energy and energy saving.
  2. Monitoring of the state of the environment.
  3. Integration with an automated urban management system.
  4. Automation fence systems, purification and distribution of water.
  5. Automation of water and wastewater.
  6. Automation of processing household waste.
  7. Automated control system of the airport activity.
  8. Monitoring the stability and integrity of the buildings and structures.

The implementation of the project and the application of intelligent automated multichannel systems for collecting, analyzing and presenting information (both wired and wireless) will solve a number of tasks in the following areas:

In the city:

  • Efficient energy and energy efficiency - efficient use of energy has many advantages, such as improving the reliability, safety and environmental performance of the system, the ability to control the level of energy consumption, to obtain detailed information in real time, and so.
  • Environmental monitoring (electromagnetic pollution, fumes, noise, etc.) - is necessary to recognize the most pressing environmental problems of the city and the timely response to them.
  • Automation fence systems, purification and distribution of water - simplifies the water distribution system, quality control and water consumption.
  • Automation of water and wastewater treatment - allows you to more economically use water resources and improve the quality of treated water.
  • Automation of household waste processing is necessary for the qualitative solution of a serious environmental problem of household waste and resource saving due to recycling of recycled raw materials.
  • Automated control system for airport operations - significantly improves the reliability and safety of airport operations, speed of response to alarm conditions, and also reduces energy costs.
  • Monitoring the stability and integrity of the buildings and structures - the necessary system for the timely detection of defects in structures and prevention of emergency situations.
  • Safety and efficiency of traffic - allows you to reduce the traffic intensity due to the reconfiguration of the system under the situation that occurs in hard real-time mode.
  • Pedestrian safety - the system is needed to increase road safety levels.
  • Monitoring system of free parking space - significantly reduces the expenditure of time spent by the driver on finding a parking space and increases the level of security.
  • Creation of a unified information network data on the life of the city for easy administrative control - you need to get data in real time on a variety of areas of city life and rapid administration to respond if necessary.
  • Provision of reports in any form - solves the problem for a long time the formation of various forms of reporting, reduces the likelihood of errors.

In the region:

  • Fire safety of municipal facilities - ensuring timely measures for fire safety saves a significant amount of resources and time.
  • Environmental monitoring (purity of reservoirs, rivers, atmosphere, etc.) - is necessary to recognize the most pressing environmental challenges edge and timely response.
  • Monitoring and fields of crops with the help of wireless systems - facilitates the process of care for crops, it ensures regularity and high quality, thereby increasing the economic benefits.
  • Weather control - helps prevent dangerous weather events.
  • Automation of processes of design, development, production and quality control of products in enterprises (agriculture, construction materials, etc.). - Facilitates the manufacturing processes and increase their efficiency.
  • Protection of soil, forest and water - directed actions to improve the environmental situation.
  • Safety and traffic efficiency.
  • Pedestrian safety.
  • Monitoring System Status parking (free space).
  • Creation of a unified information network data on the life of the city for effective administrative control.



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