Generation and processing of arbitrary waveform used in areas such as communications, telecommunications, testing of components of electronic equipment. For students learning tasks necessary to create a system that has a wide functionality in the field of generation and signal processing.

The problem or task

The objective was to develop a system for training tasks, which performs generation and basic analysis (timing, frequency characteristics) arbitrary waveform.


To solve the problem, a system was developed that performs signal generation with a frequency up to 40 MHz, reception and processing of arbitrary waveforms with a frequency up to 100 MHz. The system has the ability to generate both standard-shaped signals (sinusoidal, triangular, sawtooth), and allows you to create arbitrary waveforms. You can also generate amplitude modulated signals and frequency modulated signals. The system allows you to receive signals and carry out analysis. Analysis functions include: amplitude and phase measurements, period and frequency measurements, signal frequency spectrum, dynamic signal characteristics. The software was developed using the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment, in conjunction with the drivers for generation devices (NI FGEN) and signal reception (NI SCOPE). The system is based on the PXI-1042 chassis with an embedded controller, the NI PXI-5422 arbitrary waveform generation module and the NI PXI-5122 digitizer. Thus, in the shortest possible time, a system has been developed that makes it possible to generate signals of arbitrary shape, to receive, display and process them. After minor modifications, the system can be used to test components of electronic equipment.


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