The pace of development of modern production is such that the manual labor of a human operator of a machine or a production machine becomes a factor limiting the volume of output. The use of industrial robots in such cases is a real way out and a step aimed at further development of production. So research shows that the use of industrial robots to extract parts from the injection mold of the injection molding machine, allows to increase the productivity of this machine by the amount from 30 to 60%. Of course, there are a large number of ready-made solutions on the market of industrial robots, but their use is not always possible due to the lack of a specialized interface for working with the robot on the machine or machine.

We offer development of industrial robots for production tasks. To develop the robot we use management and data collection company National Instruments, move the system to the stepper and servo drives, vision systems NI Smart Camera, NI Real-Time Compact Vision System.

Along with them, developed a robot can be equipped with pneumatic systems and move the vacuum grippers for holding the movable parts.

LabVIEW, industrial controllers, vision systems and servo drives, as powerful tools for creating robotic systems

Software development is carried out in the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment using the NI Soft Motion, NI Vision software modules.

Using a robot developed by us you get a system that is integrated into your production line, get a robot that is configured directly below your tasks, increase the productivity and profitability of your production.

An example of a project on the development of robotics can serve as a prototype Z-axis robot.