• 2_DSC0460

    Development of multi-axis servo robotic systems

  • 6_DSC04981

    Distributed monitoring state structures, bridges and buildings

  • 8_DSC0320

    We provide NI LabVIEW courses and organize hands-on

  • 7_DSC0235

    Tools for industrial automation - powerful controllers NI CompactRIO (USA) and I / O modules ICP DAS (Taiwan)

  • 5_DSC0202

    Wireless NI Wireless Sensor Network technologies for distributed measurement and control for ZigBee protocol

  • 1_PXI-HIL-RD

    Automated PXI laboratory for research and production of modern electronics components

  • 3_DSC0183

    Development of automated test stations on the PXI platform and NI TestStand test environment for electronic devices



Distributed monitoring the state object with synchronization via GPS


Development of industrial robots for manufacturing



Automated testing as a way to improve the quality of products